Permanent Makeup available at Bideford Hair & Beauty Salon

Want to be confident in your beauty? Then make it go on and on - with Permanent Make-up that's especially designed for you. Looking beautiful has never been easier!

Permanent make-up is low cost, safe, non-surgical and very natural looking. With it, you wake up beautiful every morning! It's a very affordable way to maintain your beauty and enhance areas which you feel need special attention or focus.

Compared to the price of most daily cosmetics, permanent make-up is a cost-effective way to look and feel your best all day, every day and every night, month after month.

The procedure requires very little time and allows a working woman to have the treatment in the morning and return to work that afternoon. The process is safe and easy for most people.

Permanent make-up is perfect for:
  • Career women who have little time for tedious daily make-up preparation.
  • Busy, active, athletic women.
  • Women with limited dexterity or vision.

Benefits include:
  • Enhance eyebrows that are too thin or over-plucked - we'll create a design, shape and custom-blended color to complement your face and skin tone.
  • Eyeliners never smear -- great for after workout, swimming, and more.
  • Lipliner prevents "bleeding lipstick" as well as being able to reshape uneven lips and conceal scarring.

Permanent Make-up Procedure
A topical anesthetic is used to the procedure area and left to numb while we go through the consultation forms and evaluate the most suitable colors, taking into consideration your skin tone and personality. The anesthetic is removed after twenty to thirty minutes.

Permanent makeup is artistically designed and drawn on your face with makeup pencil as the template to follow during your procedure. Once the shape and color have been agreed the pigment is then implanted into the skin with a disposable needle. During the procedure more topical anaesthetic will be applied to minimize discomfort.

After the procedure, the pigment color will be darker and the area treated may be slight swollen, which is a normal reaction. The color will lighten and the swelling will go down after a short period. A detailed after-care instruction will be provided for you totake home and follow.

The Next Step:
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