Added Hair treatments in Bideford beauty hair salon

Whether you have fine long hair or short thick hair, we have an array of added hair and postiches to suit everyone.

Clip-in 'real hair' extensions:
Available in a wide range of colours, the real hair clip in extensions are an excellent way of immediately adding length and thickness to your hair. We also use them to add texture and colour to classic 'up' styles to create more interest and really finish off your look.

The real hair clip in extensions are available in two lengths:
  • 18 inch
  • 22 inch
Rapture™ is a new innovative range of bonded hair extensions that will last up to 3 months. They come in two different lengths:
  • 10 inch
  • 16 inch
With their quick and easy method, you can have longer thicker hair within an hour.

Rapture™ hair extensions are available in a wider range of colours compared to the real hair clip in extensions, although there is still a limited range of 'fashion' colour real hair Rapture™ extensions.

The real hair Rapture™ extensions are very versatile and can be washed, conditioned, blow dried, tonged and straightened helping us to create a never ending array of hair styles. You must always use conditioner on your real hair extensions, like your own hair, the extensions will become damaged over a period of time due to excessive heat and brushing causing the hair to split and fray. Be careful not to put the conditioner onto the bonds of the extensions as this may cause the bonds to slip.

We recommend that you have your extensions re-bonded after 8 weeks as the regrowth of your natural hair will cause the bonds to become slack and you are more likely to cause excessive tension on the natural hair.

Your current extensions can be rebonded twice according to the condition of the extensions, after that you will need a new set of extensions.

We recommend that you always use a heat protection spray when applying any heat to your extensions.

Hair pieces and postiches
We have a large amount of hair pieces in salon in varying colours ranging from long straight ponytails to short curly ones. If we haven't got the right colour for you, we will be happy to order one in. The majority of hair pieces are 'clip in' making them easier to use and giving you an instant glamorous transformation.

Most of the hair pieces we retail are not real hair; they are made up of an artificial fibre. All hair pieces can be washed by simply rinsing/bathing them very gently in luke warm water and then leaving them to dry.
DO NOT use any form of heat on your hair piece and AVOID combing or brushing your hair piece. All hair pieces will return to their original form once they are dry.

Postiches can be a lot more 'personal' when it comes to deciding what type of postiche is the right one for you and therefore need a more thorough consultation with one of our trained professionals.

Most postiches we retail are made up of an artificial fibre however we are able to order in specialized real hair postiches

Unfortunately we are unable to hold a large amount of postiches in stock, but come in for a consultation and we can show you the ones that are available, the range of colours they come in and how long it will take to order the right postiche for you.

Looking after your postiche is very much like looking after a hair piece (see above), however, most postiches can be shampooed, conditioned, combed and/or lightly brushed with a specialized wig comb and/or brush.

We retail 'wig trees', shampoo, conditioner, head stockings, combs, and brushes and shine spray. Everything you need to look after your postiche.

Halo Extensions

We now offer Halo extensions.

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